Alkoclar Hotel Group was established in 1950 and has taken many firsts in Turkey’s oldest local and national hotel chain from the date it was established.

Alkoçlar in 70 years; It has always tried to make firsts by combining accommodation and entertainment by establishing 21 domestic and international hotels.

The Board of Directors of Alkoçlar Hotels decided to leave the tourism and accommodation department in 2020 and close the tourism accommodation section by transferring the hotels in their hands.

This should have made large investments in the past Turkey’s economy in 70 years, the need has encouraged the sector by giving employment to thousands of employees. This situation was the biggest gain he left behind for Alkoçlar.

We would like to express our gratitude to our colleagues, managers, travel agencies, and all our local and foreign guests who have supported us for years.

From now on, we will continue with the same principle in other sectors. As Alkoçlar, we have never given up on customer satisfaction and the principle of smiling personnel, and we will never give up during the years of our partnership.

Best regards, thank you…

On behalf of the Alkoçlar Board of Directors
Ender Alkoclar



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